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Entrevistas e novidades de BONES!


Em entrevista a Ausielo, David Boreanaz revela coisas bem interessantes sobre a 5a temp de BONES. Vejam abaixo (em ingles) :

Bones: David Boreanaz Hints on "Pretty Sexual Scene"

When Bones returns for its fifth season, things will be a lot different for Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel). With Booth still struggling to recover from his brain injury, it's as if their relationship is back to ground zero. However, that doesn't mean that the sexual tension between these two characters is off the table.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello, David Boreanaz teases about how a simple plumbing scene ended up to be something very sexual.

"I forgot to do the plumbing in my house so I realize that I have to get a book How to Plumb for Dummies. So in the beginning of the show we're walking to a crime scene and she says 'Well you're so verse in plumbing you should probably do it yourself' and I said 'I can't do it myself because of this whole coma thing and now I have to get a book for dummies'.

It was a very adorable and endearing moment the two of us had talking about books for dummies and we were right back to the give-and-take of our relationship pretty easily," Boreanaz said of how the scene first started.

"We ended up under the sink and there was water spraying all over us," the Bones star said of this fall's can't-miss scene. "It was pretty sexual."

OK so Booth and Brennan didn't exactly do it in the kitchen. But at least fans are left with the possibility that something could still spark amidst this whole brain injury ordeal, right?

"We have sex in our minds every episode. You guys just don't physically see it," Boreanaz teased. "It's really going on between the two characters. If you guys can only imagine what we're really thinking when we're working, it's crazy."

Fans can catch Bones' fifth season beginning Thursday, September 17 on FOX.

Outra noticia interessante e sobre Angela, sabems que ela vai quebrar o celibato com alguem conhecido...apostas? Jared, Wendell outro??? Alem disso, a proxima temporada reserva um certo momento angst para a amizade dela e de Brennan segundo o proprio Ausiello :

Question: I watched all your Bones Comic-Con vids and I didn’t hear one question asked about Angela and Hodgins. Sad day. Got any scoop on where they are headed next season?

Ausiello: Good news: When it comes to Ang and Hodg scoop, my Press Tour vids succeeded where the Comic-Con ones failed. Check ‘em out. And here’s a bonus Angela scoop for your trouble: Exec producer Hart Hanson tells me that early in the season Angela will break her vow of celibacy with a man. “It’s someone we’ve seen before,” he teases. “I just told Michaela who it was and she shrieked.” It’s probably no coincidence that in the same episode, Angela and Brennan’s friendship is tested like never before. “Angela and Brennan have a big fight,” Hanson reveals. “Their friendship is deeply challenged. It’ll be the first time that Brennan realizes that being totally rational about something isn’t necessarily being a good friend. And every time she has done that in the past, Angela has come around and excused Brennan’s behavior. This time, if they’re friendship is to be maintained, Brennan has to take a step toward the irrational.”

Resta esperar por Setembro!!! See Ya! =)

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