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[Castle] A Writer and His Muse - A Letter From Fans

To Castle Executive Producer, Writers, Cast and ABC

A Writer and his Muse. What's is really behind their love story and why we are so thrilled by it. 

You know when we look at someone as Rick Castle it's possible to consider a kind of stereotype. A very successful, rich guy who loves to party, women and he has no limit to control himself (just look at his police file). But even guys like him, used to get everything, tend to get bored. That was exactly what happened 8 years ago. 

When Rick Castle decided to kill his so-called golden mine Derrick Storm, he was looking for something new. He needed a fresh start, a new challenge. That's why when he heard the bossy and firm words from her, he got intrigued. 

Kate Beckett just presented herself as a professional NYPD detective, but in that particular moment he was hooked. He got interested. Not that it was love at first side, no. What drove Castle was the story. The copycat murders and the detective. Although she looked very good at her job, he knew the reason she was there was related to something else. Right there, he decided he would like to spend more time to discover the mystery behind that beautiful woman. And the inspiration that has long gone was back. He wanted her to be his muse, the new character in his book, he used his connection with the mayor to get what he wanted. Beckett, in the other hand, hated to know he'd be following her around because he was the most irritating, childish, annoying, disobeying person she's ever met. 

The unlikely duo relationship at first became one of the most important partnership of their lives and it would change them in different ways, taking them out of their comfort zone, leading them to do unpredictable things. 

As time goes by, you start to see Castle as a Prince Charming kinda guy. Well, think again. This is not a fairy tale, this is indeed a love story, but to get the real meaning you have to read between the lines, the small details, the hidden signs. 

Why does it fascinate so many people? 

Because it's the story of two imperfect people trying to make their way in life, they suffer, they get betrayed, they struggle through their path always trying to do the right thing. 

Each one of them in their own way evolves intellectual and emotionally. Solving cases, putting killers behind bars and fighting for justice. And when they are together, it's like magic. They are perfect. 

As Kate Beckett said herself she had a wall, a certain avoidance in her actions that tends to push people away. She doesn't want to suffer the way she did after her mom's murder. Defined as broken, she´s messy, fearless, brave and fragile in all sort of ways. She goes day by day serving justice for families. Unfortunately, she could get the justice she wanted for the most important case in her life, not without Castle´s help. She has this passion for the truth, she´s eager and capable of great things but it drives her like an obsession. She needs it, as a protection for hiding her personal feelings. For the first time in a decade, Castle was the one who challenged her, poked into the wall trying to break it. How? By showing how extraordinary she was, saving her life many times, risking himself for her, loving her with all his heart. 

It took four years until Kate realizes that it was not about the books anymore, to see what's in front of her, to ask herself what she really wanted, to finally accept she deserves to be happy, to admit that no one has ever loved and cared for her the way Castle does. 

And you know what?! This is a real relationship with bumps in the road, crisis, past history coming knocking on their doors. Yes, they fight, they help each other, they get jealous, they have ups and downs just like we all do in our lives. That's the true meaning behind it. Because at the end of the day, she found someone who's willing to stand at her side, to thick and thin, to trust completely and to love. He's her partner in crime and life, he's her best friend, her lover, her solid ground, her true north, her writer. 

Yes, he's still goofy and childish sometimes (something she loves about him), but he knows exactly how to get her, press the right buttons. He´s kind, ruggedly handsome, lovely good man. He´s stubborn and also can be the one spoiling her. He can be serious without lose the tenderness. He'll do anything for her. 

True love is a powerful thing, when you´re capable of doing everything for the other, you put yourself in the other shoes. When a look means more than words, when a touch (handshake) or a gesture (a cup of your favorite coffee) is all it takes to calm you down and show that you´re not alone. The definition of OTP can be explained by the imperfect who leads two people to perfection. That´s Caskett.    

Andrew Marlowe and Terri Edda created two strong and well-developed characters making us falling in love for their passion, adventures, their personalities. We laugh, we cry, we cheer and we die every Monday as if we were part of their lives.

It´s all about the story. Always a chain of events that makes everything make sense (Marlowe, 2009). Their story is far from over. There are still many roads to explore, many turns to take. Castle taught us about friendship, partnership, love, justice and trust. Don´t kill the magic.

After all, we are just a bunch of remarkable, maddening, challenging, frustrating people seeking to inspiration in the eyes of our muse and comfort in the words of our favorite writer.

Let it be endless while it lasts. Make it last. Caskett represents how the obstacles we face in our lives can be overcome proving that we can´t and won´t give up because at the end of the day, every sacrifice, every step along the way is worth it. Always.  

That´s what great love stories are about right, beating the odds? (Grae, 2011)

With Caskett love and gratitude to the most amazing Cast and crew on television.  


Written by Karen Jobim on behalf of every Castle fan around the world.

Disclaimer: Castle is a tv show created by Andrew W Marlowe owned by ABC. All quotes and ideas used in the text are free writing with the purpose of showing our love for this show. All copyrights reserved to their proper owner.


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